The flux finale prepares a final confrontation with the master


In the season finale of Doctor Who: Flux, the doctor receives a terrible warning that she will again face one of her most dangerous enemies.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the latest episode of Doctor Who: Flux, “Chapter Six: The Vanquishers,” which aired on the BBC on Sunday.

For the past five weeks, the Thirteenth Doctor and her companions have been running from place to place trying to contain threats to the Flux, the Division, and the Ravagers of Time. Now, in the Season 13 finale, Chapter Six: The Vanquishers, the Doctor is finally able to stop the flow and save the remains of the universe. As for the Ravagers of Time, they too are defeated as the brother and sister duo finally “rise” thanks to their master Time themselves.

But the doctor is not long without an impending threat. As soon as all these dangers are removed, the doctor receives a terrible warning of her future and a fight against her most dangerous enemy: the master.

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Off to the season finale of Doctor Who: Flux, There were so many different threats to deal with, from the Great Snake and the Sontarans to the Swarm, Azure and the Flux that the Doctor just couldn’t handle them all – not alone. Fortunately, at the beginning of the Season 13 finale, the Doctor removes Divison Badges, an act that breaks her down into three different versions of herself. With three times as many doctors, the Time Lord can now appear in multiple locations at once to save their friends and fight all their enemies.

Once the river, the Great Serpent, and the Sontarans are fought, the only dangers that remain are Azure and Swarm. While they hoped to offer the doctorate as a prize for the physical being of time, their master is dissatisfied with the duo’s failure to successfully destroy the universe. Hence, it reclaims them as part of time, a transference they consider ascension.

When the Doctor then confronts the Time Entity, it takes shape and warns you of the future. “Your time is running out,” says the entity. “Nothing is forever. No regeneration, no life. Beware of the forces that are massing against you … and their master. ”When the word“ master ”is mentioned, the doctor is visibly unsettled and her reaction means only one thing: the master will definitely come back – and very soon .

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Sacha Dhawan made its debut as the latest iteration of the Masters in season 12 of Doctor Who. The character quickly became a favorite version of the classic villain, and he turned the show’s mythology on its head when he told the Doctor that she was the Timeless Child. Since Master is closely connected with this overarching plot, many hoped that the villain would return Doctor Who: Flux – only the doctor had more than enough to do in these past six episodes.

But now it looks like Dhawan’s Master may return and be the focus again before Jodie Whittaker’s departure. The thirteenth Doctor only has three special episodes left before regenerating, and it is likely that these episodes will conclude the Timeless Child story arc. With a warning from Time herself of her impending end, something we know will happen in the next three episodes, and a promise that the Master will return, it almost seems certain that the Doctor will see her archenemy all over again will face.

To find out if the Master will return, Doctor Who’s Christmas special will air on January 1st on the BBC.

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