The Old College Trial: Mom admits she stole her daughter’s identity to amass nearly $ 20,000 in student loan debt


Age might just be a number, but a Missouri woman is about to lose some of those years behind bars.

Laura Oglesby, 48, has pleaded guilty stealing her estranged daughter’s identity and amassing nearly $ 20,000 in student debt so she could go back to college and live half her age.

Oglesby had been on the run from fraud allegations in Arkansas when she showed up in Mountain View, Missouri, in 2016 with her 24-year-old daughter Lauren Asleigh Hays’ birth certificate, which gave her a Social Security card and driver license, according to the police.

The following year, Oglesby began taking classes at Southwest Baptist University at Mountain View, paying for around $ 17,000 in federal student loans and grants obtained using Hays’ identity.

“We were sad to hear of this situation and have fully cooperated in the investigation,” said a spokeswoman for the university. “Our prayers are with everyone involved.”

Oglesby also got a job at a local public library, reading stories to children and living her town life pretending to be a 24-year-old woman, police said.

Past came back to haunt her

In 2018, Mountain View detectives got wind of the situation after receiving a call from authorities in Jonesboro, Ark. got what Oglesby was wanted for financial fraud and believed to be in southern Missouri.

A file search revealed that someone in Missouri had recently obtained a driver’s license in the name of Oglesby’s daughter and a social security card. Detectives looked at the photo on the driver’s license and although it looked a lot like Hays, it appeared to be a woman well over 24, the police said at the time. according to KY3-TV.

On Monday, Oglesby pleaded guilty to providing incorrect information to the Social Security Agency on one case. She faces up to five years in prison and has to pay back $ 17,521 to the university and her daughter.

An Oglesby attorney did not immediately return a message asking for comment.

Oglesby was on the run from the Arkansas police for allegedly stealing $ 28,000 from an auto repair shop she briefly worked at in 2014 by fraudulently issuing six credit cards from corporate accounts.

In this case, she pleaded guilty earlier this year.


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