The producers of Archer Season 12 break up Malory’s farewell and tease what’s ahead



Barry (and other Barry) make their triumphant return here, and much of that finale is focused on the bond that has grown between Sterling and Barry. Why was this the right time to bring Barry back and explore this relationship?

PIERRE CERRATO: It made sense that the big box version of a spy agency would try to add a killing machine like Barry to their list. I’m not sure what Dave Willis thinks about it, but if we include Barry too many times during a season, each scene feels a little less special. Barry / Other Barry is such an adorable agent of Chaos that we want to make sure he shows up on special occasions. You know, like a two-part season finale.

CASEY WILLIS: Also, as great as Barry was in season 11, Barry really shines as a villain. In the season 12 finale, we have the best of both worlds!

Robert has been an important part of the show for the last few seasons, but it feels like this finale is going to get rid of him for good and get Lana ready to move on. Can you talk a little about how their relationship has gone and whether there is now the possibility of a permanent reunion between Sterling and Lana? Or did the two of them get over it?

CASEY WILLIS: We still determine Robert’s future, but it feels like a chapter of his and Lana’s relationship has come to an end. As for Archer and Lana, there was always a “will they, won’t” dynamic in their relationship in the early seasons of the show. During the coma season we got a glimpse of the importance of Lana in Archer’s world. With the little scene in Archer’s bedroom, our goal was to show a deep understanding between Archer and Lana and to express how much they really care for each other.

PIERRE CERRATO: I don’t see Lana completely falling into a scenario where she feels like Archer is her only choice and is “getting involved”. I don’t think it’s a “hell-you-know” situation with her. I agree that they really care about each other.



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