The seven, downside, zero and more


We are still sitting more than two weeks away from Fortnite Chapter 3 rollout and aside from a few leaks around its existence, we’re not sure what to expect.

This extends to the topic that Chapter 3, Season 1 will take on. The themes Invasion and Cubed were arguably at the upper end of the quality spectrum. It is only right that we finish Chapter 2 in full swing without having to create a clean slate for the next adventure.

Possible topics from Chapter 3, Season 1

A pretty consistent prediction across the community is that The Foundation will play a role at the end of Chapter 2. This could lead to them playing an important role at the beginning of Chapter 3.

The foundation will definitely appear soon

What better way to start a new chapter than with a season called “Foundations”. This would revolve the topic around The Foundation NPC and their goals as part of The Seven.

For those of you who don’t know, The Seven are a group whose goal is to stop the Imagined Order and also free the Zero Point as they finish The Loop. It is unlikely that many of these goals will be met anytime soon just because ending The Loop would essentially end the existence of the Battle Royale format.

However, the zero point was previously a plot device and could return in Chapter 3. It is currently under the bridge, where the Imposters LMT also takes place. Within The Bridge, the IO currently controls everything related to the loop, including supply chests, weapons, and even the prey llamas.

That story could easily develop into Chapter 3, and Season 1 would make sense if picked up on a Foundations theme as the Looper attempt to regain control of the zero point from the IO.

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