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The following contains massive spoilers from Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 streaming on Netflix now.

Season 4 of stranger things promised massive bombs, and the first volume certainly delivered. While Joyce and Murray were trying to rescue Hopper in Russia, the teenagers got separated from Hawkins, and Mike, Will, Jonathan, and Argyle ended up in Utah hoping to contact Eleven. Little did they know they were being revived by a resuscitated Dr. Brenner and Sam recharged in a bunker to wage war against the Upside Down’s growing base at home.

Two more teams were accidentally formed, with Dustin, Lucas, Max, and Erica attempting to retrieve Steve, Nancy, Robin, and Eddie from the Dark Realm. This pushed the teens to their limits, for although they were stronger as one huge entity, separate travels forced them to adapt, knowing that a supernatural general named Vecna ​​was psychically murdering people in their town. In the finale, Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab, more mysteries were revealed, leading to a startling ending that explained so much about why Upside Down targeted Indiana and Earth in general.

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What happened to Hopper in Russia?

Murray and Joyce took Yuri hostage, muzzled him and pretended to be a Russian prisoner. Murray played Yuri, but things got grumpy when the Warden let them watch a fight between inmates and a Demogorgon. However, Hop was able to ignite a staff, knowing it was the beast’s weakness. Unfortunately, Murray and Joyce knew it was a matter of time before the creature killed everyone in the gladiator’s pit.

As a result, they took the warden hostage, knocked out the guards in the control room, and after much fiddling, Joyce got the pit door open. Hopper and his friend Enzo escaped into a cell after impaling the creature, only for that other gate to open. The survivors were greeted by Joyce and Murray, with Joyce hugging Hop in an extremely loving moment that set the stage for a fascinating getaway.

What happened to Steve and Nancy in Upside Down?

Steve was wounded fighting off Demobats after his squad was trapped via a water portal, but they found a way back home thanks to Eddie’s trailer. They realized that wherever Vecna ​​had killed someone, a gateway formed between both worlds. Luckily, in 1983, they used lights at Nancy’s abandoned house in Upside Down to communicate with Dustin and co. after the kids dodged the town mob, who mistook them for Satanists. Steve’s crew made their way to the trailer portal to pick up a pickup truck, but while Robin and Eddie drove through, Nancy became mentally possessed.

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Vecna ​​focused on her past grief, recalling the trauma and guilt she felt when Barb died. As the pool in her head filled with blood from Barb’s death scene, Nancy fled, only to end up in a mindset that showed her the tragic history of the Creel family in the 1950’s. Steve stayed behind and tried to get rid of her in the dark realm, but Nancy couldn’t break free. She saw that Victor’s son Henry was actually a psychic with telekinesis who killed his family and tricked his father. This happened because Henry wanted to use his powers to cleanse the world of humanity and saw them as a virus.

What happened to Eleven at Nevada Base?

From her own reminiscences of today’s Nina Project, Eleven’s conversation with Peter the Caregiver in 1979 matched what Nancy saw and revealed Henry’s ultimate fate. Henry passed out and was eventually accepted into the MKUltra program and christened 001 by Brenner. However, Brenner was unable to control the child after lying about how he died, so the doctor used a chip called Soteria to weaken his powers. The big revelation, however, was that Henry grew into Peter. All along he was using Eleven to get her to pull out the chip so he could rampage around the lab.

Peter killed almost everyone, which angered Eleven since she didn’t want to be a destroyer. They fought, and while it seemed like Henry had the upper hand, Eleven used the power of her friends’ love, and especially her mother’s, rather than the anger Henry used. In the end, she reduced him to ashes, but Henry/Peter were thrown through a rift in Upside Down. The final shot of the season showed his body contorted and revealed he became Vecna. The 001 tattoo was also featured, which ties into Henry’s memory-soaking powers and why Vecna ​​wanted to destroy humanity.

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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