Tiger King in South Indiana is about to enter its final chapter when Wildlife in Need is auctioned off


CHARLESTOWN, Ind. (WAVE) – It’s the final chapter in a story that caught the attention of people across the country. Tiger King’s Tim Stark is auctioning off his closed Wildlife in Need park.

“All the money I get, I’ll pay off some debts,” said Stark.

On Saturday, Stark watched as his life’s work was sold piece by piece. Everything was advertised on the previous exotic reserve.

“I’m pretty much done with anything on this planet,” said Stark. “I’m ready to just get on with my life.”

Saturday’s ruin began early last year, when the Indiana Attorney General moved to close the entire facility, claimed that the animals in Stark’s care lived in appalling conditions and should be moved to suitable sanctuaries.

After numerous legal disputes, Stark eventually had to give up his cats and was fined more than $ 700,000, which a court ruled. he has to go to the animal rights group PETA. numbers.

“I’m not too worried about PETA,” said Stark. “Allegedly there is a judgment, I don’t care about the judgment.”

Hundreds of people wandered around the seven-acre property deciding what to bid on. One potential buyer was Dale Howard.

“They bond differently than they do with your dog and cat,” said Howard.

Howard owns a coyote and a kangaroo. He hoped to bid on some of the auctioned cages.

He said he knew Stark well and bought his coyote from him a few years ago.

“He’s pretty upset, that was his life,” said Howard. “He did that, he knew that.”

As soon as the auction is over, WAVE 3 News asked what Stark’s plans are.

“I told them, when they first filed this lawsuit, the words I told them that you were doomed with the wrong person,” Stark said. “It’s that simple and I’m not giving up.”

Allegedly, the producers of Netflix’s Tiger King documentary were in the crowd, so it’s possible the sequel could appear in the popular show’s second season.

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