Trump Sues New York Times and Niece over Tax Reports on “Insidious Conspiracy”



Former President Trump on Tuesday filed a $ 100 million lawsuit against the New York Times and his niece Mary Trump over the news agency’s coverage of his 2018 tax filings. the daily beast reported first.

Details: The lawsuit filed in New York’s Dutchess County, alleges that NYT journalists “were involved in an insidious conspiracy to obtain confidential and highly sensitive documents” and that they “convinced” Mary Trump to “smuggle data out of her law firm and turn it over to the Times.”

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Remarkable: Trump last year challenged Mary Trump to publish a book about him. tells Axios’ Jonathan Swan she was “not” allowed to write it because of a confidentiality agreement she had signed. A judge decided Publisher Simon & Schuster did not seem to be bound by it.

  • Trump alleges in his lawsuit against the NYT and his niece that they “committed a material breach of the settlement agreement by disclosing, assisting and / or providing confidential information to the Times”.

Why it matters: NYT journalists Susanne Craig, David Barstow and Russell Buettner named in the lawsuit won a Pulitzer Prize in 2019 for her coverage of Trump’s finances, which debunked his claims of self-made wealth and exposed allegations of a tax-riddled business empire.

  • Craig and Buettner were working on another NYT report with Mike McIntire, which is not named in the lawsuit, seven weeks before the 2020 presidential election, which is so detailed over two decades“Worth tax return data from Trump and the companies that make up his business.

  • Trump has been for years Fight against the publication his tax returns and other financial records.

What you say: NYT spokeswoman Danielle Rhoades said in an emailed statement that the Times plans to “vigorously defend” the lawsuit in what she believes is “an attempt to silence independent news organizations.”

  • She said the Times’ coverage of Trump’s taxes “helped educate citizens by carefully reporting an issue of overriding public concern.”

  • Mary Trump responded to the lawsuit by telling the Daily Beast that her uncle was a “loser” acting out of “desperation.”

  • “The walls close and he throws anything that sticks against the wall,” she said. “As always with Donald, he’ll try to change the subject.”

  • Trump officials did not immediately respond to Axios’ request for comment.

Go deeper: Trump is fighting against the release of tax returns to Congress

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated with more details on the NYT’s lawsuit and coverage, as well as more context on Trump’s legal challenge against his niece’s book.

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