What Happened in the Fortnite Event: Chapter 3 Season 2 Finale Recap


Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 has just come to an end after another explosive finale. The Fortnite event gave players control of The Seven’s reborn Doggus mech suit in a battle for the island. Important historical implications emerged from today’s event. So in case you missed it, here’s everything that happened and how to make sense of another explosive story event in Fortnite.

What happened in the Fortnite event?

The event began with players and up to three friends being loaded onto a ship of sorts at what appears to be The Seven’s home base, the moon orbiting Fortnite’s island. As The Origin, The Foundation, and Jonesy worked to ensure the final parts of their plan were in place, players were able to shoot down asteroids in a mini-game – one that would soon prove more of a tutorial. Funnily enough, Jonesy was trying to make ends meet as an official member of The Seven. He even gave himself a name: The Legend. The Foundation wasn’t really on board, but that didn’t stop Jonesy from making the name known throughout the event.

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When it came time for The Seven’s all-out assault, The Origin hologramed the Looper team and reintroduced the long-absent Paradigm. That’s right, she’s back! The team’s top pilot took the driver’s seat in the vehicle, which turned out to be Doggus himself, the massive and newborn mech last seen (in one play) in Chapter 1 Season 9. It seems that The Origin now trusts The Paradigm enough to give her the keys to the whole operation. She didn’t disappoint.

As the group sped toward the island’s homeworld, players once again sat in their gun seats to clear a path of asteroids and other debris – we even saw a glimpse of one of The Last Reality’s alien spaceships. Eventually, the ‘Mech landed triumphantly and immediately went on the offensive. As Paradigm charged from the cockpit, players assisted as gunners, exploding IO tanks, airships, and other air and ground units. The number of IO was enormous, but Doggus kept going.

After taking a huge missile fire, the ‘Mech was in great pain and almost incapacitated. Just then, fresh from his weeks of driving lessons, Peely stormed onto the battlefield in a large team laden with Slurp Juice. Doggus drank the healing water and was ready for the second round.

Paradigm and her squadron continued to close in on the collider to clear the air and land of IO baddies, while Paradigm unsheathed an impressive new power sword and set about chopping up IO airships like avocados. Slicing and dicing, the ‘Mech closed in on the collider, determined to destroy it before it could destroy all life on the island as intended.

Another massive barrage of explosive ammunition proved too much for the ‘Mech, however, and the ground beneath the ‘Mech and the collider began to give way. Narrowly escaping the wreckage, Player and The Paradigm were greeted by Jonesy and The Foundation, who led the group into a spiraling interior surrounding the Zero Point where the Collider once stood. As the group progressed up the ramp, lightning bolts peeked into other realities from Zero Point, including a glimpse of a Durrr burger (the Chapter 1 map?) and a daylight glimpse of a lightsaber fight between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader! This seems to have confirmed that the villain will be included in the Season 3 Battle Pass.

Point Zero peered into another universe… and may show us a sign of things to come.

As players dispatched more IO forces, Doctor Slone and her tank were taunted from above. After reaching the villain, Jonesy tried to reason with her and asked her to lay down her arms. But it wouldn’t matter. Paradigm was able to manipulate the mech enough to smash Doggus’ massive fist into Slone, presumably pulverizing her and her armor – although we should note that we didn’t actually see her die.

The Zero Point then focused on Geno, the alleged true leader of the IO – we’ve heard his name many times, but this is the first time we’ve gotten a good, if still shadowy, glimpse of the mysterious figure. Jonesy and Foundation jumped into the zero destined for parts unknown. They were last seen hitting their fists while in free fall. Their mission will likely continue as an ongoing storyline in Season 3.

Back at the collider, Paradigm’s looper team blasted the device’s energy crystals – they really did look like giant batteries. With all four destroyed, the collider collapsed and the Zero Point appeared to fall back into Loot Lake, safe and sound—or so we hope.

The game went into downtime again. Now only a To Be Continued screen is waiting for the players to load into the game. It’s not yet known when Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 will officially launch, but based on past seasons we can assume that checking in sometime tomorrow morning could be a good bet. See you in Season 3, Looper!

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