What to expect from your bankruptcy lawyer


If you are reading this, you are probably looking for a reputable bankruptcy attorney. This detailed guide will teach you how to distinguish a professional from a beginner or even a bankruptcy scammer. Let’s begin.

Why hire a bankruptcy lawyer?

Though filing bankruptcy is a great way to get rid of debt, it is usually very stressful and therefore difficult to do without professional help. A bankruptcy attorney knows the latest legal procedures and requirements for applicants. It is also very important that a lawyer is not emotionally involved in the process, which avoids mistakes and wasted time.

Make sure you have the right skill level

Most bankruptcy cases are considered relatively straightforward, but they can also get very complicated quickly. It all depends on your particular case. The difficulty of your case depends on:

  • the bankruptcy chapter you have chosen;
  • specific facts of your individual case (difficulties and risks);
  • whether your case is “Asset” or “No Asset”;
  • Participation in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Corporate ownership.

You have the right to ask lawyers if they have had a situation similar to yours. If you contact a. turn around Bankruptcy law firm, it must be able to offer you a lawyer with the right level of competence.

Expect actionable legal advice

After signing the retainer contract, you can expect your lawyer to be on your side and get the best advice to show you what works and what doesn’t in your best interests. The lawyer should also instruct you on what:

  • Bankruptcy chapter works best for you;
  • Documents you need to prepare;
  • Complications and risks are present in your case;
  • You should expect when filing for bankruptcy.

Expect assistance with paperwork

Filing for bankruptcy involves a lot of paperwork. Fortunately, all professional attorneys have the knowledge and access to the software necessary to prepare and file bankruptcy documentation with the court. Expect your attorney to request your financial information, including:

  • financial assets
  • income
  • costs
  • Debt facts

It is necessary that you do not hide the information requested as all of your records must be comprehensive and not raise questions during the legal process. A good lawyer will show you how to collect all the documents, which documents are not needed and the quickest way to get everything.

Expect clarification on property processing

A professional attorney needs to be able to explain to you what specific assets are exempt and what needs to be sold after your bankruptcy chapter. It is important that you have realistic expectations and a clear understanding of what is happening without flooding your home with documentation.

Expect to be represented at hearings

The bankruptcy process always includes a mandate that can be assigned if your case requires it. You can expect your lawyer to represent you at the following hearings:

  • 341 creditors’ meeting;
  • Chapter 13 Confirmation Hearings;
  • Chapter 7 Confirmation Hearings;
  • Each party involved in the proceedings will petition for a hearing of the application or for an objection.

Your bankruptcy attorney’s job is to keep you abreast of the hearings so that you can give the court the right answers and avoid further complications. Any attorney with real court experience knows where clients can go wrong and instructs them to avoid these common mistakes.

Expect deadlines to be met

Of course, hiring a lawyer doesn’t mean you can relax and let it all go, but a good lawyer will always remind you to get everything done on time. It is very important to avoid critical deadlines if you do not want to pay a fine or if you want to make the court suspicious of your case.

Be attentive

Choosing the right law firm and lawyer is your responsibility. Only you can protect yourself from scammers, so take a while to learn as much about bankruptcy processing as you can. It is impossible to fool people who are not fooled!


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